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In India, irrespective of their size and strength every key stakeholder in the transportation industry i.e. transporter, broker and fleet owner, all need to operate in the spot market to fulfil their daily load requirements. In a lot of cases Shippers too prefer such a modus operandi. TruckHall, with its proprietary technology can reach out to the right supplier and fulfil your daily vehicle requirements. Moreover, technology gives us the power to find us the right rates for you and lets you track the day-to-day fluctuations. We have built a strong base of verified suppliers across India who are placing vehicles through our platform on a day to day basis.

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We connect you with the right supplier and assist you will all the pre-transit activities.
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We become your vehicle supplier and take care of all the complexities of the transaction.
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The nature of Indian transportation ecosystem is such that a lot of activities happen before a truck can be assigned a load.

The Indian truck load market is huge and accounts for 13-14% of our GDP. However, the vehicle ownership in the transportation industry is heavily fragmented with 90% of vehicle owners, owning fewer than 5 vehicles. Such an arrangement leads to dependence on local brokers who can arrange for back-load as the owners do not have that kind of a reach due to lack of local presence.

We guarantee a vehicle placement ratio greater than 98% in the routes operated by us, such high commitment levels are possible only with the use of technology which reaches out to the grass root level and empowers the industry. From shipping heavy metal products to FMCG items we do it all.
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