Vehicle Sitting Idle ?

Vehicle ownership in the Indian Transportation industry is heavily fragmented, with more than 90% of the vehicle owners owning fewer than 5 vehicles. Such a situation leads to heavy dependency on local brokers who arrange for forward as well as return load. However, the operational nature is highly manual and un-organized as brokers/fleet owners rely on phone calls so that transporters can assigning loads to their vehicles. TruckHall solves this problem by providing a single point window to all Fleet Owners/Brokers to upload their existing inventory. Once the entry is uploaded, the shippers/transporters can assign loads to those vehicles and get their orders fulfilled.

Access Vehicle Board
supply truck


Reverse Auction
Bid against load and the winner of the reverse auction places the vehicle
Fixed Price Bid
Immediate Load Assignment
Documentation Management
Loading Point Support
Payment Management
Driver Support
Fleet Card Support


Eicher 1109
Dala Body
Open Body
Over Dimension Cargo